Aurin – The Pre-Inspired Symphony (EPK)

Our EPK for “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is now up online!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Aurin – The Pre-Inspired Symphony Tracklisting

Three songs from “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” have been put up on Reverbnation / Facebook and Myspace. Here’s a glimpse at the tracklisting for the album. Samples coming soon!

1. Holding On

2. Control

3. The Pre-Inspired Symphony

4. Fly

5. The Edge

6. Something Beautiful

7. Behind Closed Doors

8. Nightmare

9. Deprivation

10. Schizophrenic Break

11. Untitled

We are looking at a December release date for pre-orders, and an official January CD release party. Pre-Order yours now and stay tuned!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Aurin – “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is mastered!

The mastering of “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is done! This means that we will have full studio tracks coming at you all soon! (Think Saturday)

Thank you to everyone who had helped out on the production of this album, especially Stephan Wojtecki, our producer and friend over @ Redemption Studios.

It sounds absolutely breathtaking, to the point where words can not describe.

This album will be released soon! Please pre-order “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” to hear it for yourself at our secure store!

Stay tuned,

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar