Only Gibson Guitars for Andrew Wayne of Aurin

Andrew Wayne now exclusively plays Gibson guitars. Thank you Gibson!! Andrew would like to say, “I now proudly and only play Gibson guitars. Since I was a child, when I started out on this long road of becoming a musician, (much of which I still have ahead of me), I always admired Gibson quality, sound, and craftsmanship above all others. Now you can come to any Aurin show and check out my CustomShop Gibson Les Paul Baritone, CustomShop Gibson Les Paul Silverburst 79 reissue, and my Songwriter Studio Deluxe Acoustic/Electric. I look forward to getting many…many more of these beautiful guitars. Dream come true.”

Of course…Thank you to Stu Rosenstein from Mojo6 Management & Artist Services. You are a God amongst men, and to The Music Zoo for being the greatest music store on Earth!!

Andrew Wayne of Aurin exclusively plays Gibson guitars!

Andrew Wayne of Aurin proudly and exclusively plays Gibson guitars!