Aurin signs record deal with Pavement Entertainment

Today is a day that we can proudly announce something that we, up until this point, have only dreamed of, and dreamed we have. Dreamed big.

We would like to share some amazing news with you; our friends, fans, and family out there who have been with us through this amazing musical journey of ours.

Aurin has just signed an artist partnership with Pavement Entertainment!! Also, our first record label debut of “Catharsis” will be released via Sony RED (Retail USA / Digitally International) and via PHD (Retail Europe with export to Australia and Japan) during this Fall of 2014!!

This is such a surreal feeling, and we are absolutely humbled by it. This deal is the culmination of years of blood, sweat, tears, and passion that we put into every note, every word of our music…and there is only more to come!

Great things are in store for us and for all of you, and we just wanted to thank those who have stuck by us! Thank you Pavement Entertainment for giving us this chance!

As always, stay tuned!!!

Love and forever grateful,
Andrew Wayne, Sarah Anderson, & Linda Medina

Check us out on Pavement Entertainment’s official website: