Aurin initially began as the musical child of Guitarist Andrew Wayne. His goal was to create songs that appealed to the mind, heart, and soul of the listener by combining beautiful harmonies with a heavy style that demanded attention. He was later joined by drummer Linda Medina (who studied under Professional International Jazz Drummer, Karl Latham), Powerhouse vocalist Sarah Anderson, and most recently bassist Joe Palamara.

Together, Aurin is taking the Hard-Rock scene by storm, with their RAW performances, (and growing up as products of mental illness and poverty) leaving their fans with a message… “You are not alone in this world. Never give up hope. No matter how bad things can get, you will ALWAYS have the ability to take those negative feelings and turn them into something. For me, it was music… it became the songs we play for you today” – Vocalist, Sarah Anderson

They will be hitting the road in June 2015, and providing tour support for national recording artist, Art Of Dying.

“Through struggle we prevail. Through Struggle we unite. You are not alone…”

Their Pavement Entertainment debut “Catharsis” can be purchased wherever music is sold worldwide! Purchase in the USA by going to these following links: AmazonBest BuyiTunes

Aurin is:
Sarah Anderson – Vocals
Andrew Wayne – Guitar/Vocals
Linda Medina – Drums
Joe Palamara – Bass


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