Andrew Wayne is proud to exclusively play Gibson Guitars! You can check out his custom shop Gibson Les Paul Baritone at ANY Aurin show! “Gibson has been the leader in guitar craftsmanship and perfection practically since the dawn of guitars. Nothing makes me happier to be a part of such a legacy that Gibson has made for themselves.” – Andrew Wayne

Digitech - The Power To Create!

Andrew Wayne of Aurin proudly represents Digitech products! Andrew uses Digitech Hardwire (CR-7 Chorus, DL-8 Delay, SP-7 Phaser, Supernatural Ambient Reverb), Digitech X-Series (Turbo Flanger, Digiverb), and the Digitech Whammy V. “I have been using Digitech products for my entire musical existence. Nothing beats the body & tone of the ethereal and atmospheric guitar effects that I can only achieve through my Digitech gear. I am humbled to be part of such a talented family!”

Custom Imprinted Guitar Picks by Clayton, Inc.

Andrew Wayne of Aurin is honored to be endorsed by Steve Clayton. He has been using their products now for years, and is proud to say that he is a part of the Steve Clayton family!! The quality of Steve Clayton’s guitar picks, especially that of our Aurin custom “Acetal Pick,” are the best in the industry. Make sure you check them out via: and pick up an Aurin pick at a show!

Boutique, Premium, Quality Fusion Matched Strings by Curt Mangan.

Aurin uses Curt Mangan premium quality, fusion matched, guitar and bass strings. You can see their products strung on Andrew’s Gibson custom shop Baritone Les Paul, Gibson Custom Shop Silverburst Les Paul, and his Gibson Acoustic Songwriter Studio Deluxe. The tone is huge and the feel is smooth. There is nothing quite like playing with a set of Curt Mangan’s. Check them out for yourself via: and use the coupon code AURIN20 to get 20% off of your first order!!

Lampifier - Believe in the light!

Aurin uses Lampifier microphones. Vocalist, Sarah Anderson claims that “The Lampifier 111 Pro Concert Vocal Microphone is of the finest quality, giving me a strong defined sound. The power I can obtain from this product is amazing, and I would recommend it to any vocalist!!” Check them out for yourself via:

Are you one of the chosen??

Sarah Anderson, Andrew Wayne, Linda Medina, and Joe Palamara wear 69 Chosen clothing. They offer high quality, uniquely designed, and custom merchandise. New Aurin shirts will be printed by 69 Chosen clothing. Check out 69 Chosen via:

Are you one of the chosen??

The Music Zoo is the best music store (online and retail out of Roslyn, NY) for all your guitar, bass, amplifier, and accessory needs. They not only have the best selection of Gibson guitars, they have the best prices! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. If they don’t have it, they can order it! Check out The Music Zoo via:

Aurin is happy to be working with Dirtbag Clothing. Please click the link above to check out their awesome line of merchandise. Every purchase you make via clicking the above link also helps us out immensely! We are honored to be part of such a family that includes Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, That Metal Show on VH1, and many many other great artists!


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