Aurin CD Giveaway Details

UPDATE 2/1/2012: The contest has started tonight (2/1/12) officially at 11:25pm and you can follow and complete the rules to enter below until (2/6/12) at 11:25pm. At this point forward, if you complete these steps now or have done so before, your entry e-mail will now be VALID. Note: The directions below are all FREE, FAST, EASY, and SAFE. If you do not follow them, your e-mail entry will be voided. Contest IS open internationally. There is no order either. It will be 100% fair to everyone! All valid entries are given the same consideration. Please do not submit more than one entry, as it will be ignored. Good luck, enjoy, and thank you so much for your continued support!

Okay, so here’s the deal…

When our Official Facebook Page hits 1,000 likes, we will be holding a contest in which we will be giving away FIVE free retail copies of our debut album, “The Pre-Inspired Symphony”

This contest is open internationally!

(Contest Entry Details Below)

1. When our official Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes, head over to our official ReverbNation site by clicking HERE or by copying and pasting into your browser address bar.

2. Click that you Facebook “Like” our official ReverbNation site which is located in the top of the center column.

3. Join our mailing list (by entering your e-mail address – not signing up via Facebook), which is located on the left side of our ReverbNation site under the header “Join the Mailing List.”

4. Log into your e-mail account to confirm your subscription. (Make sure to check your SPAM folder, as it has been reported that ReverbNation’s confirmations sometimes go there).

5. Once confirmed, download an exclusive mailing-list only MP3 track by clicking HERE or by copying and pasting into your browser address bar.

6. E-Mail from the E-mail address you used to subscribe to our ReverbNation mailing list with the subject: “Aurin 1,000 Likes Contest Entry”

7. Click send.

8. Feel free to head back to our ReverbNation site and stream through the songs and videos to show further support! :)

NOTE: Winners will be picked at RANDOM so EVERYONE has a FAIR shot. You can head over to our official ReverbNation site now to sign up for our mailing list, confirm your subscription, and download an exclusive track. If you have ALREADY done so, you are one step ahead of the game!

Winners will be contacted soon after the contest ends. We will notify them and request their contact and mailing details. Your entry will be disqualified if the e-mail sent to does not match the one you used to subscribe to our ReverbNation mailing list. Entries will be void if sent before our Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes. If you win and do not respond within 48 hours we will void the win and pick-at-random somebody else.

Thank you all and good luck!


“The Aquarian Weekly” Feature!

Aurin has been featured in “The Aquarian Weekly”

Please check it out and show some love for Tim Louie as he claimed “Aurin’s music simply rocks!”

Check out the article here:

If you would like to purchase a copy of the issue, please do so here:


Deprivation (Limited Time Download)

Hey all, you can download “Deprivation” from “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” as a fan exclusive on our ReverbNation site for a limited time only! Act now! :)


Aurin’s Reverbnation


CD Release Party

Aurin will be playing January 28th, 2012 at The ‘Pavillion in (Budd Lake, NJ) for the celebration of our debut CD release “The Pre-Inspired Symphony”. Hope you all can join us for a great time!

Click here for details!

Show is ALL AGES.
Ticket price $10.
More bands TBA.

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


“The Pre-Inspired Symphony” on iTunes!

Aurin’s “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” has just been released on iTunes for your enjoyment!

Click here for “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” on iTUNES!!

Please feel free to take a listen to a sample of every song off of the album, and possibly give it a nice rating and a review. :)

Note: Our CD release show (TBA) is not going to be until January. BUT, to anyone who has pre-ordered the album or continues to pre-order one, the physical copies will be shipping out and on their way to you by, the very latest, December 12, 2011. The free digital copies will be e-mailed to everyone who pre-ordered this coming week!

Thank you all so much!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Aurin – The Pre-Inspired Symphony (EPK)

Our EPK for “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is now up online!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Aurin – The Pre-Inspired Symphony Tracklisting

Three songs from “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” have been put up on Reverbnation / Facebook and Myspace. Here’s a glimpse at the tracklisting for the album. Samples coming soon!

1. Holding On

2. Control

3. The Pre-Inspired Symphony

4. Fly

5. The Edge

6. Something Beautiful

7. Behind Closed Doors

8. Nightmare

9. Deprivation

10. Schizophrenic Break

11. Untitled

We are looking at a December release date for pre-orders, and an official January CD release party. Pre-Order yours now and stay tuned!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Aurin – “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is mastered!

The mastering of “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” is done! This means that we will have full studio tracks coming at you all soon! (Think Saturday)

Thank you to everyone who had helped out on the production of this album, especially Stephan Wojtecki, our producer and friend over @ Redemption Studios.

It sounds absolutely breathtaking, to the point where words can not describe.

This album will be released soon! Please pre-order “The Pre-Inspired Symphony” to hear it for yourself at our secure store!

Stay tuned,

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar


Tracking done!

Officially now dubbed as “One-take Sarah,” the vocal tracking is complete; along with some beautiful performances on upcoming tracks “Fly” and “Untitled” by our amazing guest violinist, Tami Jaton.

Now it’s time to play the waiting game while we have to be patient during the pre-mixing, mixing, and mastering stages.

More to come!!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar



After many, GREAT, painstaking hours, the drums, bass, and guitars are officially tracked for “The Pre-Inspired Symphony”

Vocals and more are up next week.

Stay tuned!

Andrew Wayne / Aurin / Guitar

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